Orona Ideo

A leading European innovation centre: University, Research Centre, and Business.

ORONA has created Orona Ideo to bring together all parties involved in its innovation network at the same physical location: business, university and research. It is a space where a synergistic fusion of various activities can take place, as well as a laboratory where cutting-edge technologies for sustainability and energy management in buildings are applied.

Elevation and Transport and public buildings are the cornerstones of ORONA activities, with energy efficiency and sustainable design serving as guiding principles. The new activities will incorporate innovations in energy storage systems geared towards energy management in buildings.

A sustainable city of innovation

Orona lifts

Orona lifts

Gearless Elevators with or without machine room designed to maximize energy savings, comfort and safety. Orona Lifts adapt to the characteristics of any type of building: house, mall, hospital ...

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Orona´s Green

Orona´s Green

We are strongly committed to sustainability from a holistic approach. Proof of this is the Eco ISO 14006 certification, our Corporate Social Responsibility, adherence to the Global Compact or research in more efficient technologies.

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