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Video transcription:

Working together, more capabilities. This is what our numbers show, such as for example, in 2010 we reached a total sales figure of 580 million Euros, had a staff of 3,800 employees, and the value of our exports grew to over 95 million Euros.

There are now over 180,000 lifts worldwide with Orona technology, and 1 of every 20 new lifts in the world is an Orona. We also have 3 production facilities, 2 in Europe and the third in South America, making us the European manufacturer with the highest production capacity.

ORONA's activities are focused on design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and modernization of mobility solutions such as lifts, escalators, and moving ramps and walkways. We provide all of this along with comprehensive service.

  • Number 1 in production capacity
    for complete lift in Europe

    • 250,000 lifts
      worldwide with
      Orona technology
    • 1 of every 10
      new lifts
      in Europe is
      an Orona
    • Two production
      plants in
    An Orona lift system
  • A growing international

    • 4,507
      professionals dedicated
      to service
    • A comprehensive
      presence in
      10 countries
    • Orona products
      installed in more than
      100 countries
    Orona moving ramps
  • We are

    • The world's first company
      in the lift sector
      to receive the
      ISO 140006 Eco-Design
    • 1.7%

      of total sales figure in
    • Sustainable
      and energy
    Orona Ideo innovation space model

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