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ORONA was born from the union of more than 30 companies that merged to create the Group ORONA.

Reaching further together in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and so on. Our presence in more than 100 countries allows us to be closer to each of our Customers. At ORONA we take care of the whole process of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, as well as the modernisation of vertical transport systems: lifts, elevators, moving walks, platform lifts, and so on.

ORONA's numbers reflect our strength. In 2018 we achieved a turnover of 741 million euros, our workforce has grown and now exceeds 5151 employees, exports exceeded 95 million euros. 250,000 lifts worldwide are equipped with Orona technology, one out of ten new lifts in Europe is Orona. This is possible thanks to 2 production plants in Europe; we are number 1 in production capacity for complete lifts in Europe.

  • ORONA's activities are focused on design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and modernization of mobility solutions such as lifts, escalators, and moving ramps and walkways. We provide all of this along with comprehensive service.

  • Installations of Orona Group
  • Brand and values

    Behind a brand, there is always a corporate culture. Ours is characterized by a true spirit of service. Our three values - commitment, trustworthiness and flexibility - are part of our identity and our DNA.

  • Orona's Innovation Centre
  • Orona's Green

    Symbolizes Orona's commitment to sustainability from social, environmental, and economic perspectives.. ORONA is the world's first company in the lift sector to receive ISO 14006 Eco-Design certification.

  • Certifications

    Our certifications are a guarantee of our excellent work. We have the world's most important Ecodesign, environment and workplace safety certifications.