Innovation as a commitment to the future

Together, more innovation. First company in the sector worldwide certified in Eco-design.
Own research center. Orona EIC (Elevator Innovation Centre).
New technologies: LED Lighting, regenerative drives, destination control, landing illumination control...
Advice on getting the environmental certifications: VDT, BREEAM, LEED, HQE.
Orona has created Orona Ideo gathering together: business, research, technology, university.
For the future.

ORONA invests 2% of its annual sales amount in R&D, one of Europe's highest levels of research investment.

Dedicated to innovation
13 million Euros

Investment progress
110 member research team

Innovation team's anual growth


Orona Ideo

Orona IDeO Technology and Innovation Park

ORONA has created a new innovation centre that integrates business, R&D centers, and university in a single location..

Orona Ideo is located in the Galarreta area as a natural extension of the San Sebastián Miramón Technology Park.

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Orona eic

R&D Centre Orona eic

An advanced R&D centre where we develop our innovative solutions.

Developed as a services company, Orona eic is oriented towards technological research and development for products in the lift sector.

Ikerlan and Mondragon Unibertsitatea are incorporated as collaborative partners, and it is certified as a Business R&D Unit in the Science and Technology Network.

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