Orona Innovation Center

Orona Innovation Center

Over 150 engineers work at Orona Innovation Center, ORONA's research centre.

They have one common goal: research and development focused on safe and intelligent transport systems that are socially efficient, energy saving, and better integrated into buildings.

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Nora?... To where? Norway Orona a-class
  • The NOR-A project will make an advanced energy savings solution possible for the ORONA lift range, minimising grid energy consumption and educing the energy cost for the end user.
  • The overall objective of this project consists of developing class A+ liftsolutions by minimising energy consumption of the lift's mechanical elements and using the energy generated and stored by the lift.
  • The A+ lift will be directed at the residential and public building sector, where users can benefit from the energy savings the lift will offer the building (possibility of BREEAM certification).
Net0lift research proyect
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