17 Oct, 2019

Orona's innovative solutions, frontrunners at Interlift, international reference trade fair in the elevation sector

The company has launched its latest products at the fair, targeted at satisfying the needs of each building, both private and public. It has also shown its specific range for goods lifts and car lifts at Interlift.
Orona's innovative solutions, frontrunners at Interlift, international reference trade fair in the elevation sector

Orona, the Basque company specialized in urban mobility solutions located in Hernani, has a renowned presence at Interlift, the most relevant international trade fair in the sector and which is held every two years in Augsburg, southern Germany. In the 2019 edition, Orona has gone for launching its innovative elevation solutions for public and residential buildings into the market.

Interlift is one of the most relevant contests in the sector and sparks great interest, particularly in Europe. The importance of this event is reflected in its growing numbers, with 5% of new participants in every new edition. This year there are more than 500 companies from more than 40 countries, which has forced to expand by almost 2,000 square meters the exhibition area to 46,000.

Under the motto Your partner for complete lifts, Orona, a veteran at the fair, wants to highlight its mission as a trustworthy partner who provides comprehensive solutions and encompasses the entire value chain thanks to the development of its own technology.

New products at Interlift

Orona has shown several new products at Interlift, among which the reduced top-floor height solutions stand out, which are adaptable to facilities with more demanding requirements.

For the residential sector, the Orona 3G X-10 model is a solution that uses the latest gearless direct mobilization technology, with a very long-lasting compact machine which adapts to reduced trench buildings with a top-floor height of 2,600 mm. As for the Orona 3G X-19 model, it is a solution with flexible access (90º) to public buildings in the 9-16 people load range which serves the requirements of reduced top floors of up to 2,750 mm.

This year the company has also launched its Orona 3G solutions for Goods Lifts and Car Lifts, both equipped with a strong and long-lasting technology with durable and good-quality finishes, intended to serve environments that require the transportation of heavy loads, such as airports, malls, factories, supermarkets, museums, hospitals and parking lots. 

Orona goes for innovation, to which it continuously allocates 2% of its sales, which allows it to be competitive and technologically independent. The technology supply in more than 100 countries through its distribution network, together with its direct presence in another 11 (Atlantic Europe and Brazil), make the Basque company a global benchmark in the sector. Its two 36,000-square-meter productive plants place it first as regards complete lift production capacity in Europe, with 20,000 units a year.

At Interlift 2019, Orona has a large stand of its own with more than 400 square meters where it can provide a complete service to the attendees who are interested in the company and its products.                              

About Orona

  • Corporate group comprised of more than 30 companies in 11 European and American countries
  • 1 out of every 10 new lifts in Europe is made by Orona.
  • Orona products are installed in more than 100 countries.
  • 250,000 lifts in the world contain Orona technology.
  • No. 1 in complete lift production capacity in Europe.
  • First company in the elevation sector in the world certified in Eco-design, according to ISO 14006.


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